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What is Canopy?


Canopy, Motorola's fixed wireless broadband solution, overcomes many of the obstacles associated with deploying traditional high-speed access technologies – such as cost, cabling, terrain and interference – as it requires no existing infrastructure.  It is also ideal for providing access to remote sites.

Operating in the licence-free 5.4 GHz band, Canopy offers a robust and scalable platform that promises one of the lowest total costs of ownership and can substantially reduce infrastructure and operating costs.

Its simple network design and built-in installation and deployment assistance makes Canopy easier and quicker to get up and running than most access systems and, in most cases, it can be installed in less
than 24 hours.  

The system comprises three core components: an access point, a subscriber module and a backhaul unit.  The access point links to one or more subscriber modules in a point-to-multipoint configuration.  It is
connected via an Ethernet cable to a computer, server or network inside a building.  Point-to-point links can be established by means of backhaul units to cover greater distances.

Reliability is greatly enhanced because the integrated antennas obviate RF cables, which are frequently the cause of malfunctioning due to the ingress of moisture.  Canopy is scalable for meeting user needs with each access point capable of serving up to 200 subscriber modules.

In a point-to-point configuration, Canopy delivers aggregate data rates of up to 14 Mbps, while the point-to- multi-point Canopy system offers data speeds of up to 6 Mbps.  The point-to-multipoint application can serve numerous enterprise locations and the backhaul application can serve as a dedicated data link or back-up for the enterprise community.  The key to cost-effective wireless broadband is wireless backhaul and Canopy is also a perfect fit for backhaul and outdoor mesh networks.

Canopy provides the performance, versatility, ease of use and affordability that enables enterprise environments to improve communication, productivity, security and return on investment.  It also allows capacity on mesh networks to be expanded by direct connection to a place, person or a meshed access point node.

For small to medium businesses and local ISPs, Canopy offers secure, high-speed communication that includes video surveillance, which is ideal where security risks are high or for monitoring remote sites; video- conferencing to improve inter-site communication and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), to streamline operations and reduce the cost of communication.

Over-the-air Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) capabilities ensure secure data delivery and exceptional reliability.

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