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Armouring - Kit Capsule Solution

The armouring kit is manufactured as a prefabricated capsule, which is bolted to the inside of the vehicle. This method of installation ensures that there is no structural damage to the base of the vehicle.

The original windscreen is removed and replaced with an armoured windscreen frame fitted with flat bullet resistant glass. This windscreen is glazed into the original, unaltered windscreen aperture.

The armour module provides 360 degrees horizontal protection. The ballistic protection level offered is against Kalaschnikov AK-47 assault rifles when chambered with 39mm Ball ammunition.

Utilizing the kit format of armouring ensures that the purchase is cost effective as the kit can be transferred to a new vehicle at the end of the life span of the original vehicle. The original vehicle may then be sold on the second hand market as a standard vehicle.

We also manufacture an armoured body to fit on the rear load box (Hilux model) for the protection of valuables. The body is fitted with its own armoured swing door and fitted with a secure armoured lock.

This rear body can be custom manufactured to suit the specific requirements of the customer. Extras such as bullet resistant view ports, gun ports, cash pay out windows, seating, additional trim, etc can all be incorporated in the design of the body.

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