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Communicating as One

Many organisations that have traditionally relied on analogue radios are becoming aware of the benefits and increased security which TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) has to offer.  It has been identified as a solution to promote greater interoperability and overcome the limitations of legacy systems which can no longer cope with increasing capacity and demands.

TETRA is an open, digital trunked radio standard that is defined to meet the needs of private mobile radio (PMR) users working in time- critical environments. It provides integrated voice and data communications with improved audio quality, encryption for enhanced security and maximum use of the frequency spectrum by allowing more users onto a single radio channel.

In addition to providing an advanced and flexible systems architecture, TETRA offers call privacy, fast call set-up and high-speed data transfer.  It has standard solutions for security, group calls, open channel (continuous communication for a large number of users in emergency situations), priority calls and Direct Mode Operation (terminal-to-terminal communication that does not utilise the infrastructure). It also supports dispatcher room functionalities such as managing group calls, reassigning priorities, and command and control activities.

TETRA defines two encryption mechanisms:

  • Air interface encryption – offered as a standard – encrypts the radio path between the terminal and the base station
  • End-to-end encryption throughout the system for the most sensitive applications/transmissio

The advanced group and announcement call features included in TETRA meet the needs of the most critical user applications with the multiple call priority schemes ensuring effective resource allocation to the most urgent traffic in the network. An integrated digital communication system such as TETRA offers proactive and preventative emergency services and law enforcement that is community-focused, improving response times and overall security. It allows first responders to communicate as one via networks that are always available and that provide information when and where it's needed.

TETRA  technology is now firmly entrenched world wide – according to the TETRA MoU, there are currently over 622 contracts in 70 countries. In addition to public safety operations, other potential users of TETRA span commercial transport and fleet operators and organisations requiring local and wide area dispatcher-based mobile voice and data communications, on private or virtual private networks.

useful link: http://www.tetramou.com

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