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Run Flat Inserts for Tyres

Run-flat inserts extend the life of the tire in the event of pressure loss. The device acts as a spacer that separates the rim from the tire, thus preventing the rim damaging the tire.

The run-flat system is mounted securely to the rim and is not in contact with the tire during normal fully inflated operation.

Run-flat systems can only be used in tubeless tires. Balance of the wheel is not affected after installation.

The run-flat inserts available from Briscoe Bullion are expertly designed and engineered using advanced composite materials and manufactured using precision manufacturing techniques to provide a dependable run-flat consistency and quality.

The solution is impervious to bullet attack and has the performance capability to get you out of a dangerous or life threatening situation quickly when your tires loose air pressure.

Although performance varies with road conditions, ambient temperature, vehicle load and driving speed, independent tests prove that on a normal highway, the performance expectation is no less than driving for 50 kilometers per hour for at least 50 kilometers. 

Ballistic tests using 7.62x39 ammunition shows that the structural integrity of the composite material is not affected, even after full penetration of the round through the wall of the insert.




The two piece construction is quick and easy to install, the static run-flat system does not need specialized equipment to fit. Standard tire mounting equipment is all that is needed. A special lubricant is supplied for application between the inner surface of the run-flat and the rim, to reduce friction and therefore temperature.



Friction and ultimately, temperature is further reduced on the rotary run-flat system due to the addition of an inner load bearing Teflon surface. This is achieved by mounting a Teflon runner onto the rim. The outer insert runs on the surface of this runner, so that movement resulting from braking and acceleration occurs on this super smooth surface. Due to the reduced temperature, the rotary run-flat provides better performance than the static run-flat. It is for this reason more suited in applications where temperature is a major concern.


Low Profile

Used for tires with an aspect ration of 70% and lower. Can also be used in higher aspect ratio tires when impingement caused by severe road conditions is a concern.



Used for tires with a 75% aspect ration or larger. On normal road conditions this full size device will achieve 50 kilometers at a speed of 50 km/h.


Heavy Duty

Tailor made solutions are possible for heavy duty applications.



RODGARD runflat systems are available in the following sizes: 13", 14", 15", 16", 17", 17.5", 18", 19", 19.5", 20" and 22.5". The runflat systems are designed to give a minimum runflat distance of 15 kilometers with the Getaway systems and up to 150 kilometers with the Super Standard systems for Heavy Duty military applications.







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