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Personal Protection Vests and Helmets

Body Armor
Magnaclad Stay Safe body armor is manufactured to the NIJ 0101.03 standard by ISO 9001 certified manufacturers to our specification and design.


Carrier Vests

  • Four point velcro adjustment allows for comfortable fit.
  • The outer cover is manufactured from durable nylon or poly-cotton.
  • The inner lining is manufactured from breathable air mesh, improving airflow and moisture dissipation.
  • Front and rear sleeves are provided for Soft Armor and Hard Armor Plates

Soft Armor Packs (SAP)

  • SAPs are fitted front and rear to provide level IIIA protection.
  • Soft armor is either Kevlar, Twaron or Dyneema, depending on availability.
  • SAPs are easily removed, allowing the carrier vest to be washed.
  • SAPs are sealed in a waterproof PVC cover for hygiene and ballistic reasons.
  • Side protection is standard since the soft armor packs wrap around the sides and overlap.
  • Ballistic Nylon trauma pack is integrated with the SAP. This is necessary to keep blunt trauma to within NIJ Standards of 44mm back-face deformation.


  • Groin protection
  • Neck protection
  • Pockets and webbing
  • Silk Screening
  • Fire Retardant Coating

Hard Armor Plates (HAP)

These are required to upgrade the vest's protection to either level III or level IV protection levels. Size, weight, thickness and durability are factors to be considered.

Magnaclad currently has three main plates to offer, which use a combination of modern lightweight technology and older proven technology. Composite ceramic and high tenacity polyethylene plates are available in three variations:

  1. Level III, AK-47 Mild Steel Core
    2kg each
  2. Level -IV, AK-47 AP
    2.25kg each
  3. Level IV, 30.06 API
    2.75kg each

Ballistic Helmets

Ballistic Helmets offer protection against fragments, bullets, explosive ammunition, blasts and extreme heat. Made from unique technically advanced composite materials, this system protects the ears from injury and allows for the use of microphone and radio-telephone systems Weighing a mere 3.30 kg, the system offers the highest possible level of protection in its class, whilst being comfortable, durable and versatile.

The visor is manufactured from laminated acrylic and polycarbonate, ensuring integrity. It is fully adjustable and offers clear and wide visibility and provides side protection.

Tested to NIJ, Stanag 2920 and MILL STD 662.E standards this helmet and visor has been tested to be fully NIJ IIIA compliant, excluding the .44 Magnum*. The system has a V 50 factor in excess of 600 m/s.


Taking the weight and performance into account this is one of the best head protection units around.

* Please note

The 44 Magnum has almost twice the energy of all the other calibers under NIJ Level III. The helmet will stop the projectile, but the resultant blunt trauma i slikely to cause serious injury.



Neck and Grain Protection also Available


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